Thursday, September 20, 2007

Andy Walo Group Updates for September 19, 2007

Ok OK, I know I spend a fair amount of time writing about how fantastic, wonderful, and talented I think the Andy Walo Group is. Beyond the fact that they supply me with most of my live music fixes when they are playing around where I happen to be on a given day, they have some really cool things happening in their near future so I thought I might take a minute to share. I will of course be updating these as some of these items get closer.

The first two are the monthly shows at the House of Blues Las Vegas. Yes, It’s that time again. Appearing live Wednesday and Thursday at the Mandalay Bay. If you are in Las Vegas be sure to check these shows out at the House of Blues Cross roads room. There is no cover charge.

Wednesday Night, September 19 - House Of Blues/Las Vegas @ Crossroads Room (Mandalay Bay Hotel) 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 "Nuthin But The Blues Series" 9 PM.

Thursday Night, September 20 - House Of Blues/Las Vegas @ Crossroads Room (Mandalay Bay Hotel) 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 "Unplugged Showcase Series" 10 PM.

The next one is a little bit further out but may require some planning if you wish to attend. You may or may not know that Andy Walo used to play at Harvelle’s Santa Monica “back in the day”. The Andy Walo Group has recently started playing there again and they are going to be recording LIVE during their show on the 27th of this month. At this time I am not certain if they will be recording sound only or sound and video but if you want to be involved consider yourself invited (note: this was a joke, the show/venue is open to the public). Please be aware that tickets are required for this show and can be purchased for $5 from Harvelle’s website.

Thursday Night, September 27 - Harvelle's in Santa Monica; 1432 4 TH Street 9:30 PM. 310-395-1676

Also there are heavy rumors of a show coming up at the LA CO Fair. It seems that the Andy Walo Group may be performing between events at the FreeStyle MotorX event. If they DO perform there, these sets (nine songs total) will be TELEVISED on CBS!! Not sure what the details are and all that but will keep you all posted on this one. Again, if you want to go, be aware that tickets are required (for both the fair AND the event). Let me know and I will guide you for discounts etc.

Saturday, September 29 - FreeStyle Motorcross Event at The Pomona Fairplex

Lastly but not leastly Andy Walo has three of his original songs in the upcoming film, Two Tickets to Paradise. Directed by D.B. Sweeney, which stars Ed Harris and John C. McGinley. The songs are all off the Crunchtime CD and are “Told You So,” “Flamenco Blues,” and “What Happened To My Power.” The soundtrack from this movie looks to be fantastic! It will have songs from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, U2, Del Amitri, and Emmy Lou Harris as well as Al Kapone, American Minor, Andy Walo, Bowling for Soup, and Kim Kline. This movie has been shown at a few festivals to rave reviews so watch for it to come to a theater near you.

Note that all pictures are from except for the one from Harvelle's Website which is and are subject to copyright.