Monday, October 25, 2010

Here in Southern California

Here in Southern California, we watch from a safe distance as the “other parts” of the country all enter the Fall season.  Meanwhile here we are entering into what elsewhere would probably be called Spring.  I call it the monsoon season.  It has a tendency to rain without warning and this can vary from a light sprinkle to a torrential downpour; everything is bright, clean, vibrant and green; and the flowers are blooming like crazy.  As soon as the sun comes out you can see forever and the mountains in the distance are alive with color. 


Today was a beautiful day that can only be described as “springtime in the Midwest”.  It was sunny, warm(about 70), and there was a stiff breeze blowing the grass around.  It was so nice that when I needed to run down to the post office, I decided to walk the couple miles.  Of course no sooner had I uttered that though than the dog raced to the back door and stood where her leash is hanging.  Now this is not a place I have ever walked to before though I have been there numerous times so being a geek, I looked on google earth to confirm it was a safe walk for my dog.  Sidewalks, check.  Lights at all busy streets, check.  Etc. 


Like I said, this is not a walk I had ever taken before much less taken the dog on and so of course, it was a learning experience. 


We learned that the local high school runs down this same section of town in the afternoon. 

We learned that anyone can run up behind the dog and pass.

We learned that anyone running up in front of the dog wants to play. 

We learned that one young girl can run really fast and scream REALLY loud. 

We learned that the dog is VERY afraid of those big floppy sales thingys.

We learned that the dog does not know that the big friendly looking dog in the window is her. 

We learned that for every mile I go, she goes about three.

We learned that she has very happy ears in the wind. 

We learned that she can learn to cross streets correctly, mind her manners, and ignore other dogs barking and growling at her.

We learned that even the most persistent “friendly” construction worker is no match for a big dog.


So we returned home from our walk, stood in the nearly empty pool to cool off our paws,  strolled through the yard, and now as I type, she is snoring her brains out under my chair.


I had a whole other blog written but it was too nice a day not to share so that other thing can wait for another day.