Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad Habits and Slow Learning Curves

Ever notice how over time you acquire your own little unique bad habits? I am not talking about those bad habits like smoking, drinking, or whatever, I am talking about the LITTLE bad habits. Everyone has them. Some are petty annoyances to those around us and others probably skate by virtually unnoticed until something draws your attention to them.

I have a few of those kind of bad habits. Most were acquired through some form or other of necessity or ease of function over the years. One rather recent addition to my list of bad habits lately has to do with my morning yoghurt.

I get cranky if I don’t get my yoghurt in the morning. More than my coffee, this directly affects my mood for the day. Coffee, yeah I love it but I do pass it by on many days. Yoghurt, not so much. One of the medicines I take messes up my system pretty bad and the only way to keep from being a burpy, heartburny mess is yoghurt. I am really picky about what kind I eat. It can’t have artificial sweetener or its evil twin HFCS in it. I am not a fan of fruit chunks, though I REALLY miss the Yoplait custard style with nuts from the 80s.

Over the years I have been forced time and again to find new sources of the proper style of yoghurt. In some cases, there have been periods where I was even forced to make my own. With the recent surge in its popularity I had to shift again as everything became a flavored, sugary mess again.

I switched to YoBaby yoghurt a while back. I love the fact that it is all the things I look for in yoghurt. It does not contain anything artificial and the fruit is all pureed. It comes in wonderful but not overly fancified flavors like banana, plain, apple, blueberry, and others.

I ALSO love the fact that it comes in smaller cups. I think that like everything the size of yoghurt cups has got out of control over the years. I used to open one and dish it into smaller sizes of Tupperware to be eaten over a few days but with YoBaby I don’t need to do that any more.

Wait, when did this become a testimonial to YoBaby and stop being about bad habits? Have patience, I am getting there.

So every morning, as I run out the door on whatever thing I am going to do that day, I grab my little cup of YoBaby. I am usually at work just a very short time when that little cup of yoghurty goodness begins to call my name. It almost ALWAYS calls when we are just getting involved in whatever project of the day so I have developed the bad habit of… (AHA! You say, here it comes!)

I shake the heck out of the container and peel back that foil top. A quick lick to the foil and it goes in the recycle bin. Then I turn that little cup on its corner and drink my yoghurt. It is not MADE to be drunk like that but I seldom have time to go find a spoon and eat it that way. It simply takes to long so I started to simply drink the stuff right out of the cup. It is a bit of a bad habit. My own personal little weirdness. No one ever comments on it any more though I used to get teased about it. I think they are just used to it now. In fact a few of the guys have taken to drinking things not meant to be drunk as well (ravioli out of the can unheated…).

So where does that learning curve come into this? It is rather cold here right now. Well by California standards at any rate. Usually my little YoBaby sits in the car until I am ready for it so it gets a bit of greenhouse action in the winter from the sun shining through the windows. Today, an aftereffect of no less than FOUR encores that kept us out late and an early call from The Man alerting me that he was on his way to help with the truck, I am a bit groggy.

I wanted that yoghurt and I wanted it NOW. I fixed a coffee and while it sat patiently waiting for me, I grabbed that ice cold YoBaby out of the fridge, gave it a shake and ripped the foil off as usual. I tipped that container back and took a swig. Then reeled back in horror as the cold watery part of the yoghurt slithered down my cheek. I grabbed a towel and wiped my face. Trust me when I say you don’t want me the describe THAT feeling the actual way it felt. Let’s just say ick for now.

So anyway, I wiped my face, I wiped my shirt off where the watery mess had landed, and one might think I might have paid more attention. Nope. I promptly tipped that cup up again with the same effect. Lather, rinse, and repeat. I was now laughing as I wiped off my face and shirt one more time. The thought of poor learning curve ran through my head. I started planning this blog. I laughed at my own bad habit biting me in the butt. Then I did it again.

I mean seriously, what are the odds right? I LOOKED in the cup first and it looked to be all creamy yoghurt. I didn’t see any of that watery stuff and figuring by now it was all in my shirt and the towel… So I did it again. Third time’s the charm? Nope. Same thing. The second the yoghurt slid forward in the cup, the water got me again.

I was quick this time, you see I was not so blasé as one might think. I DID learn something from those first two times. I WAS LEANING OVER THE SINK! Clever! Wise! Some might say, Brilliant! Yes! There I was, leaning over the sink, head tipped BACK with ice cold yoghurt water again running down my face and onto my shirt.


Excuse, me I need a clean shirt…..

And a spoon.