Monday, March 3, 2008

Old Skool Red Neck

I know it is hard to believe this but there was a time when I did not have a stove or an oven.  It was back in the early days of living by myself at college.  I had a snazzy little apartment that had only a fridge/freezer for appliances. 


I know some of you are already laughing remembering what's coming.  I know ONE of you is falling out of your chair remembering me carrying it home on the BUS.

I had a snazzy little apartment, a fridge, and THIS.......


It was a very SMALL and high tech for the time combination microwave, toaster, convection oven......  and I swear it weighed more than the fridge. 

Seems like a mircowave these days weighs nothing...that sucker was heavy and it was a LONG way from the mall for someone who was still hoofing it those days. 

But I digress, it made it home at any rate. 

It pretty well served its purpose of allowing me to cook most things.  I had my toast in the morning, I could nuke leftovers, and I could bake.  What more could you want?

Grilled cheese.  Or to those of you south of the MD line... that would be a cheese toastie.

I found a work around for that too....eventually.  It works! 

First, toast your bread.

Now, add your cheese slices to the toast (after removing it from the toaster for the very literal of you)..

Now comes the college genius... 

Assemble your sandwich and nuke it for JUST long enough to melt the cheese.....  let it sit for a second.

Now eat it.  Perfect.  For added reality, you can butter both sides of the toast before nuking.

Why bring this up now?  Since I have been sick and lazy... I have returned to my red neck roots and cheese toasties made this way.....and it is just as good today.