Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas List

What do I want for Christmas?

This is the time of year when I get asked that question a lot. I don’t generally celebrate this holiday anymore. I mean there are a few folks for whom I buy a small gift* but I don’t generally decorate the house and do all that stuff anymore. Once in awhile I get a wild hair and will hang Christmas lights but then again, I might do that anytime of year. That said, I still get asked a lot what I want for the (insert Holiday here). The questioner may be asking in anticipation of gifting me with something or merely being curious.

Generally I don’t have anything on my list. If I want something I either get it myself, start a fund to purchase it at a later date, or write it off as a pipe dream. This year I actually have something on my list. This item on my list is something that I want more than anything I have ever wanted in my life and yet it remains elusive. I can’t save enough money to purchase it nor can I simply write it off as a dream so I am stuck. So here it is, my Christmas wish list for this year.

My only wish this year is that the coming year might find my entire family both happy and healthy.

That’s it. That is my list. I know it is asking a lot but if Santa could somehow find his way to drop that in my family room this year it would be lovely thanks.

Generally we are a pretty happy lot but I suspect that this year has taken its toll on us all. There have been a plethora of health concerns that have weighted heavy on us all and in addition there have been things that have dragged us all down to an abnormal level of unhappy. There have been challenges to try our spirits, triumphs that lift us back up, and health concerns that have run the gamut from minor annoyances to major life threatening ones. I hope to see that in the coming year, we all return to good health and good cheer.

So Santa, I hope this isn’t asking too much and if it won’t fit down my chimney, please feel free to drop it in the yard.

*Gift: an item purchased and intended to be given to another. Said item is to be something that the receiver would never buy themselves but something that so perfectly fits their personality as to be made for them.

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