Monday, August 27, 2012


The thing about homes.....  Its yours.  You own it. 

Within the walls of that home, you may do as you please.  No one, not any one can tell you what to do.  Well they can tell you but you may in turn show them the door.  It is your castle you control who passes the moat.

You have the power to paint the walls puce if you so desire or choose to leave them white and paint the ceiling purple.  Curtains, blinds, or shutters?  What does your heart desire?  Its your choice to make. 

I like to think of my house as that little piece of my heart, head, and soul that is accessible to others.  They can come inside and get a sense of the greater me.  There are rooms that are pure PollyAnna, rooms that scream Yvonne, but mostly it is the blended me that shows through.  People come in and tell me that they can see me in every room of my house as well as in the outside spaces.

Know that there will be those who will come in and try to change it to suit them.  There are those who would try to assert their influence on your home.  These same people are those who would try to do the same with your life.   But know that here in your home, you have the power to ignore them.  Or give them your ear then simply ignore or politely decline to change it.  This home, it is the one place where you can run for shelter much as you once ran to your childhood home.  This place has stopped your nomadic life and set the roots deep into the soil if only for a time.  You can of course always choose to nomadically move on again but for now, this place is your roots. 

That said, be cautious as to who you allow into this precious place of yours.  Do not allow it to become tarnished or tainted by those who would do you harm by thought, word or deed.  These folks, do not casually allow them access to this portion of your soul, not by their physical presence, not by thought, by word, or even virtually.  Be mindful that this place remains yours alone by careful vigilance of those that you allow power and control over it and chose wisely. 

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