Sunday, August 4, 2013


That looks funny even to me and I just made that word up, I think.

So it is August which means that this is time for the second annual purchase of beef from Star Brand Beef.

Anyone who is not familiar with the lovely and wonderful Shreve Stockton should be busy clicking here: Daily Coyote Or here: Honey Rock Dawn  Or maybe here if you prefer tweets:  Twitter Daily Coyote  If you want a ride in the way back machine to see where I first got to know Shreve:  Vespa vagabond.....

Anyway, besides all her other wonderful stuff, Shreve raises cattle.  Raises them the old fashioned way by letting them wander around and eat grass....  Then she sells to lucky people like myself.  True story, I have had a hard time eating beef for a very long time, more than a very small amount and I would be very sad the next day.  Then I started finding non-grain fed beef....  and I could eat a normal sized portion with no ill effects.  I have to say that this is really difficult to find and very expensive when you do find it and so was reserved for special treats.  Then came the day last year when Shreve offered to share her cattle and I jumped on it.  It was everything I expected and more.

The beef is processed by a processor who does it much like one might process their game and it is securely wrapped, air free, and over wrapped in paper so that all I did was slip it into ziplocks and toss it in the freezer.  I can tell you that even after a year, the last steak was as perfect as the first.

Fast forward to this year and when she offered again, I was right back in there, this time with the egging on of several friends who got to share in last year's bounty.  Added bonus was that this year, I also finally got to meet Shreve in person(among others but that is another post for another time!).

I have to say that she is as wonderful in person as she is electronically and one should cheerfully disregard her warning "not to expect too much of her".   So much so in fact that she now has a standing invitation to my home.

So, beef acquired to last me another year, my freezer is full, my dog is on over load from sniffing all the boxes and scents in the air (including the spot where Shreve's boot rested on my bumper!!) and I am a happy camper!

Yes, I know that the panorama did not work so well on this shot but I was laughing at SOMEONE stealing a sniff!!! 

Much better shot, and now all is safely stashed in the freezer on the left.

And the dog is off napping somewhere.


Michelle Mabelle said...

Now I'm hungry!

Michelle Mabelle said...

Now I'm hungry!

DeeAnne said...

Michelle, me too!!!!! I have not had anything to eat all day!