Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

I had no idea that it was already labor day.  The time has been flying by with all the crazy working 12 to 15 hour days all month and not having had a day off since July.  When I realized this was a holiday (last Wednesday) I told my boss that he can pick for me to work either a few hours early Saturday morning or I will be on call on Saturday but come Sunday and Monday that phone is off.  He was kind enough to tell me that I am on call but that someone was going to have convince him it was life or death before he was calling me in. 

So I made plans to do as little as possible.  I mean the lawn needed mowed and the laundry needs laundered but beyond that I planned to spend the rest of the weekend floating around the pool.  Then I had a change of heart and plans. 

I ended up going to the beach for a while on Sunday.  Swam around and soaked up some salt water and then did some body boarding.  Caught a couple of fantastic rides.  Sat in the sand and basically wallowed in my pisces element.  Had a GREAT time.  My shoulder is paying for it since it has not quite recovered from the fall last week but whatever it was fantastic day on the waves!  

While at the beach, I took a break to go have a sandwich at Mickey's. They have the most awesome sandwiches and I have known the guys there ever since I came to live here in 1999. They tease me constantly while I am there.  I had just got my change when a very tall gentleman stepped up next to me at the counter. He had a soda and a dollar in his hand. The clerk took his dollar and said he owed him another 75 cents. The guy said, he knew he had grabbed the wrong one and was headed back to switch it out when I tossed a dollar on the counter and told him I would cover him. I have no idea why I did that, I just did it.  It wasn't that he looked like he could not afford his own soda, it wasn't anything other than the fact that he had smiled nicely and seemed like a good guy caught short on change at the beach. 

He looked at me for a moment, protested slightly, and then shook my hand and told me his name was Steve. He started to walk out and then ran back and gave me a huge hug that literally lifted me off my feet, and then he ran out with tears in his eyes. 

I looked at the clerk and shrugged a bit. He looked at me for a moment and then said... "Did you know who that was?" 

I shook my head no at him,

He gestured to the military patch hanging on the liquor rack behind him. "He is a B2 pilot. Just got redeployed today. I think you made his day." I glanced around behind the counter and saw that there was not a dry eye in the house. 

Here is to random acts.

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