Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Defunkified for July 10, 2007

Yesterday while I was still deep in my funk, Haley pointed out the number of words in her tag cloud that she used MOST often and how some of them had serendipitous and entertaining connections. I had it in my head that I should take a look at my own tag cloud. I got as far as copying them down before the mood left.

I didn’t blog my original blog yesterday, I wrote some nastiness that hopefully will NEVER leave my e-mail, and failed yet again to follow through on a promise. Then today, Haley (dang her and her like-mindedness) blogs about the effects of procrastination…..

Meh, trapped, hoist on me own petard, and forced to walk me own dern plank…. Fine, finkle finger of fate….. Here, happy now?

These are the 40 items in MY Tag Cloud that get used the most often and are therefore in large type…. I am going to expand a bit on them in much the manner that I do with my friends list… because, well, it is my blog and I can do what I want to in it.

alien: How can I not spend a fair amount of time on these guys, they are my two closest friends and a huge part of my life.

andy_walo: What can I say, give credit where credit is due, this guy is a fabulous musician.

bands: Yeah well, I love live music. I try to encourage it where I can.

california: It is my home, I can’t imagine ever living elsewhere again…but am sure I will.

challenge: I have a lot of this in my life. I blog it for “posterity” in case my family ever wants to know and to hopefully inspire others….also used for those “writing challenges”.

cheese: Some days, you just need to have cheese. You can’t always be all serious and stuff.

date: I find a number of things are date related…some are even interesting.

death: Yeah well it IS the final outcome of life. It will happen to us all eventually.

Dog: I love my dog, she loves me back.

family: You can’t choose them, you have to go with what you got, or make your own…I do both.

friends: These you can chose…and some of mine make the jump to the previous tag.

happiness: Some days it is more elusive than others but it is the second strongest emotion in my arsenal.

hermosabeach: My spiritual home.

history: I have NO clue how this got to be such a big category…. I am TERRIBLE with history.

humor: yeah well, it keeps me going. You HAVE TO have a sense of humor in this life… in order to keep your happiness alive…

illness: See Aliens.

injury: It happens, it took a large chunk of my life….it gets written about.

jimmy_buffett: Oh man, this guy has the BEST lyric base. I can always find something to suit my mood. He has been one of my favorite musicians at every stage of my life.

life: Life is what happens while you are busy making plans…don’t let it get away from you… it is all well and good to plan for tomorrow as long as you still LIVE today you only get one shot at today.

love: It is a huge part of life. It is also a huge part of MY life.

me: It is MY blog, generally things here tend to reflect that…sorry if it is selfish.

music: There it is again…you would think it was important to me or something.

opinions: I have them and I am NOT afraid to use them.

perception: I have a very weird point of view. I am aware of it. Sometimes it gets away from me. I point it out sometimes.

pictures: I LOVE PICTURES! They are like little chunks of time saved forever!

quotes: I use a few I guess. Many people inspire me with their words.

sad: It happens, I try to keep it to a minimum but you need some to balance out your life.

self-belief: I have a hard time believing in myself sometimes. It comes out here…

self-image: Goes right along with the previous one. I simply can NOT see myself the same way you guys claim to.

series: I have written a few…they get upgraded automatically because well by definition…there is more than one...der.

sister: I have a few. I talk about one more than the others.

soul: I believe firmly in the power of it…

tag: I get tagged from time to time. I don’t like to do them because they get out of hand fast….but once in a while there is a good one…

theman: Yeah well…what can I say, I love the guy.

unfiltered: a recent addition that seems to be getting a lot of use….it means I tried to be brutally honest and not filter.

weather: It is a hot topic I tell ya.

weatherwithyou: It was a series….it is also a fantastic Jimmy Buffett CD.

weird: By my very nature, I find a lot of things weird, including most often, myself.

work: It takes up a large chunk of my every single day, it ends up getting written about.

writing: It is WHAT I do after all…first and foremost it is ME.

As for that promise mentioned up there, since it coincidentally matches the tags I will include it here: A while back I was given a gift from a buddy. My buddy, who goes by the name of Dick Deluxe gave me a copy of his CD ,Don't Borax the Borax Man. I told him I would give it a listen and tell him honestly what I thought of it.

I listened almost immediately and have not had a chance to talk to him since to tell him what I think of it. I like it. It is not my “normal style” of music (as if I have one) but it fits my “if it has a beat and you can sing to it” criteria so it passes. I could not POSSIBLY even begin to describe the type of music. Even HE can’t really describe it and says: “I'm describing as alt country, Americana, alt blues and country soul. What do I know?” As for ME I am going to simply describe it as “good” and tell you to go listen for yourself. Dick, buddy, if you are reading this….thanks for the CD, it gets a fair amount of airtime and a thumbs up from me.


Missy A said...

I'm assuming thats your 360 tag cloud as I can't see one on here
or maybe I'm just blind LoL

DeeAnne said...

Missy, oops, yeah.. sorry.