Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am definitely awake NOW....

Five AM came WAY too soon….So this morning I was sitting in my office half asleep going over the notes my boss left scattered across my desk. Ok half asleep is an understatement, I was well into my second cup of coffee and pretty much still asleep but that is not the point, let’s just say I was less than present. I have on the “usual” office attire that is a skirt, blouse, my everyday shoes, and my long fuzzy sweater(cold in my office). I am trying VERY hard to concentrate on the papers in front of me when something extremely large crawls up my bare leg. I am not ashamed to say I squealed like a girl as my leg shot out and hit the bottom edge of the desk HARD. I saw something large and brown get catapulted off my leg and under the drawer section of the desk as my chair shot back.

It is this moment when the sudden movement attracts attention from the hall. My chair is a good three feet away from my desk with me still in it. I am bent over hugging my wounded leg and trying to get an angle to SEE what it is under my desk. This apparently is not at ALL concerning as the co-worker who stuck his head in says calmly “so how was your day?” I spare “J” a glance long enough to say “yesterday was fine, today so far not so good.” It is at this point my pose seems to register with him. “you ok?” I share the story with him and we share a laugh.

Then “J” too begins to wonder what EXACTLY IS under my desk. He comes around to the other side and tries to get an angle to see. No luck. He rattles the LAN cable to see if he can get the thing to move out of the shadows. Nope, it won’t budge. He glances around then gets on his hands and knees and crawls under the desk! He crawls around and tried to get an angle and suddenly I hear “dear god!” and he shoots out from under the desk. He quickly peruses the top of my desk and grabs the paper towel that I normally set my coffee on. He goes back under the desk and I see his arm reach into the dark space carefully. He makes a quick grab, yells “sweet holy jesus!” and flies out of the space. He throws the towel in the trash and does the whole shivery, wiggly, creepy crawly dance. I raise an eyebrow at him as he twitches and moves to the doorway. Then with a shudder and one more “dear god” he trots down the hall to the men’s room.

I glance over into the trashcan and find myself face to “face” with a very dead, very large cockroach (yeah the picture was a spoiler). This thing is massive. By massive I mean over two inches long. Needless to say, I left my office very quickly. I wandered to the back and found my very brave coworker. He was in his own office still twitching and mumbling. I thanked him profusely and we had a nervous laugh about the whole thing much to the amusement of my other co-workers. They are not used to such girly behavior from me and my description of my girlish reaction amused them….right up until “J” described the SIZE of the thing, then the crowd dispersed rapidly.

I finally made my way back to my office and after scouting the area under my desk very carefully (from a distance) sat back down. Needless to say, my legs are NOT going under that desk for a while. I will have a huge bruise on my leg and a complex about putting my legs under my desk for sometime... Currently cross-legged in the chair turned sideways so no part of me is subject to further attacks.

The feeling of something THAT large unexpectedly walking up your bare leg is indescribable.

My coworkers are now trying to spook me by making scurrying noises on the walls around my office.

So that’s the highlights for me so far…how is YOUR week going?
OH BTW....picture from google image search for big nasty cockroach....found multiple sites so no idea who to credit for it.