Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Hodge of Podge

We had the most awesome clinic at Road Runner Sports on Saturday. They did the whole thing for free in support of Team in Training.
We showed up early before the store opened. It started with a whole bunch of information about what things you need (and those you don’t) all based around a variety of fitness levels, distances, run/walk, and the like. It was cool to have someone actually tell you what you DON’T need to buy instead of trying to sell you the store.

Then we went for our run. We ran around the airport, which was different than our normal up and down billygoat route up in the hills of PV. I have to say it was not my favorite run. We had to deal with avgas fumes, cars that thought they were qualifying for Indy, and whole lot of folks who had flooded and muddy grass.

Once we got done with our run the folks at Road Runner had another clinic for us. Basically they had you walk around on pressure mats and then they video taped you running. Between the two they could tell you if you were in the right shoes or not. Again it was cool that they were pretty open about telling you if your shoes were fine. They also have a deal where you get a sixty day trial of the shoes and if you don’t like them, you can return them. Yes, that means RUN in them for sixty days and still be able to return them. It is pretty cool.
So when my turn came for the “Shoe dog”, they had me walk on the mats and run for the camera. Then the girl pulled my video up on the screen. “That’s not me.” I told her. She looked me oddly, checked the time and the file name before replying that she was sure it was. We did a few “are you sure”s and “yes I am”s before she finally asked me why I didn’t think it was me. I finally had to tell her that I didn’t think my legs looked like that. She sighed like she had heard that a million times and then almost hurt herself laughing as I finished my thought…. “I had no idea my legs were that cute.” After she stopped choking she had to admit that this was the first time she had had something think they looked too good on the video.

End result of the Shoe Dog clinic? I have a new pair of shoes to test drive and cute legs…..

Oh, and I bought some socks that would drive Jane and Bob to distraction. They are SO soft and padded on the bottom!!! I think I am going to live in them.
These are not the exact ones I got but they are the same foot part….

It has decided to be winter here now. I know those of you back north and east will mock this but seriously last night it got down to 47 here at the beach. It was down to 53 in the house. I was bundled up and buried under blankets thinking seriously about turning on the heat. I tucked myself into bed under the sheets, blankets, and an afghan. I woke up this morning with the afghan wrapped around my head and the rest of me burritoed in the blankets and the rest of the afghan. I peeked over the side of the bed and saw that Miss Isabelle must have been cold too as she had pulled a part of the blanket down over herself and had her tail wrapped tightly over her nose. Even the bunny was in a tightly packed ball with her paws tucked under her body versus her usual flat pose. It was so cold that when I met up with The Man for breakfast he greeted me with “morning nanuk” as a mocking assessment of the four layers I had on. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

I finally gave in and went to the grocery store today. Since I keep thinking I am going to move any day I have been putting it off. This means I had finally made my way through every dish in the freezer, all my pantry stock, and was resorting to eating odd things. So I broke down and went.
I went to a different store than usual because I had a coupon that only they took. Big mistake in one way, good call in another.
It was a big mistake because their produce was rediculously overpriced and poor quality so now I will need to still hit another store to get any fresh foods.
It was a good call because as I was wandering up and down the aisles, I rounded a corner just in time to see something that still has me laughing. I rounded the corner and in front of me coming my way down the aisle is a thirty something guy. As we neared each other and both glanced up at the same time, we exchanged hellos and smiles. Then he suddenly did something so totally unexpected. He glanced over at the shelf and literally did the whole “YES” and fist pump thing.

Note 13 to 17 seconds.

Then he glanced back up and saw me watching him, blushed, and pointed… “No one carries this!” he said as he pulled the case of diet 7-up with fruit juice off the shelf and slid it into his cart. I couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassed face before letting him off the hook with a big smile. “It is great to see someone get that excited over something GOOD for a change.” He grinned back and wandered off whistling down the aisle. It is still cracking me up.

One other good thing about going to that store, we are supposed to be drinking “sports drinks” along with water to keep our electrolytes and sugar up. I don’t know if y’all have ever noticed but almost ALL of those things are loaded with high fructose corn syrup which is really bad for you. While I was at that store I saw that they had “vitamin water” on sale. It is pretty much the same stuff only it does not have HFCS in it. It uses juice or sugar to sweeten it. I was interested so I took a bottle and test-drove it in the store. Yummy. So I picked up a few bottles to meet my team-required beverages.

So in self defense, I have been baking and doing laundry since I got in this evening. I figure not only do I get a good dinner and clean clothes, I get a bit of heat too……

I think the dog approves, she is laying between the stove and the washer.

Oh, for those of you who read this far and are now hungry. My favorite “snack”.

Take some medium slices of mozzarella cheese and lay them out in an overlapping rectangle.
Sprinkle them with crushed red chillis.
Lay over lapping slices of salami on top.
Roll entire thing up, wrap tightly, and chill.
When ready to eat, slice across the roll in thin slices.


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